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The Natural Choice

Suffering from joint or back pain?

Having trouble Sleeping?

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You've come to the Right Place.

Hi. I'm Markus. I'd just like to share with you a little about myself. I am now in my 60s. I have , as many do, aches and pains in my knees, hips and lower back. Also in my hands. To me these are all signs of the payback for all the fun I've had in my wonderful life. I have been using CBD for some time now and it has helped me with all of these issues. Especially when I go play golf. One of my favorite things to do. I rub CBD Suave on my hands and knees before I start my round. This has prevented the 'back 9 pains' that I have suffered in the past.

Another thing I enjoy doing very much is sharing with my friends and colleges. 

That is what brings us to here.

CBD BioCare was created in 2016. The founders, Matthew and Stacey Pitts, have spent their professional careers gaining experience in sales, marketing, healthcare, finance, leadership and video production. They have mostly worked independently from one another until CBD BioCare brought their strengths and passions together.

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